topiary cats

topiary cats

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


I wish it was possible to love someone enough to make everything in their life better.  I wish just the state of loving someone could just...fix things for them.  Everything.  I wish it opened possibilities. I wish that, by itself, it led them down positive pathways.  I wish it could override all harm and negativity. I wish it could impart wisdom, clarity, and understanding. I wish it could result in their decisions being healthy. I wish it could make them really know, understand, and believe how much they are loved.

I wish it was enough just by itself, for the sake of itself.

It seems instead, that it makes no difference at all.

Sunset from a week or so ago

I feel like absolute crap. Very sad.  It's horrible and never-ending.  I live around it. But somehow I got FOURTEEN paintings- images and titles- yesterday.  Which is completely ridiculous and absurd. But it will keep me busy for a while. I have already started throwing some paint down.


  1. Now you have got me thinking - I wonder if, on some level that we don't yet understand, it DOES work? I would like to think so, it is nice to think that your emotional energy has not gone to waste.

    I am sorry you feel like crap - I am sending you love and compassion, you are a very special person and deserve to feel as fabulous as we see you.

    And - wow! 14 paintings - go girl!

  2. I wish you were feeling better. I wish the painting would make all of your world so pretty.

  3. Aw, I agree. <3

    I do think it does make a difference, the love and care...but people have free will and that is what throws wrenches into everything.

    But yay for painting! We must carry on as best we can.


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