topiary cats

topiary cats

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Two Very Good Advices

After I locked myself out, I rooted around the internets for some NYPD safety advice.
Apparently, the NYPD has trouble with people not locking their doors.  Obviously I don't have that problem, but I have encountered people who habitually leave their doors unlocked, which I find stunning.  In one case, the person had some very intrusive neighbors who thought it was ok to just open the door and walk into the apartment when they wanted.  I said "Lock your door!!" but my advice went unheeded.

NYPD even has a QUIZ! on when to lock your door!  I took the quiz and the NYPD is very happy with me, apparently.

You can take the quiz too!

So, good advice #1: lock your door.

Back in 2009 when I went to London, I met up with the amazing and beautiful Soulbrush.  We went on a ferry ride down the Thames, and we stopped to get tea from one of those outdoor food stands.  (I loved that they had tea as a matter of course).  When we finished our tea, Joss asked me if I needed the spoon.  I said no.  So she took it, saying that her husband, Neil, said "Always carry a spoon with you.  You never know when you might need one."

Ironically, later that same evening in my hotel room I needed a spoon and there was none to be found.  So I remember that advice every time I travel and am not staying with a friend- I always pack a spoon.  And it has truly come in handy.

Good advice #2: always carry a spoon.


  1. Have knife will travel.

  2. How did I get to the ripe old age of mumble-mumble without knowing this about the spoon?? Life changed!


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