topiary cats

topiary cats

Thursday, April 30, 2015

To Dry or Not to Dry

Oil paint can take a while to dry. Artists both love that and hate it. How to make the paint dry?  How to make the paint stay open?

In general, I don't add driers.  I'm happy with my paint touch-drying in three to four days.  I also like to keep my palette open, and adding driers makes that impossible.

Sometimes I need them though, like when I want to add another layer the next day.  Some of my Williamsburgs and Vasaris take FOREVER to dry- sometimes up to two weeks- without driers.  All my metallic paints take forever too, again sometimes two weeks. So I add driers all the time to metallics.

 Williamsburg Metallics take forever to dry

Williamsburg Cadmiums take forever to dry

Williamsburg Cobalts take forever to dry

Williamsburg Italian Earths do not take forever to dry, 
but earth colors generally don't anyhow.

Note 1: I got all of those above sets for 40% off. Each.

Note 2: if you can swing it, get the Williamsburg cobalt violet light.  It is one of the glowiest paints I have ever seen. The swatch on the tube doesn't do it justice.

Note 3:  I do not have the Williamsburg French Earth set, but I do have all the colors I like from their French Earth line. They are gorgeous paints.

I like to keep things simple.  Although I will experiment with everything (how else will I know what works and what I like, and what my options are?) I usually stick to linseed oil and solvent, or one alkyd. Gamblin's Galkyd makes me very happy because it smells like linseed oil, and I LOVE- absolutely LOVE the smell of linseed oil.

Some people like to use different "fatter" mediums in different layers.  I use the same medium throughout the whole painting, and I use as little as possible.

May is tomorrow! I'm ready for April to be over.

I have May Goals, because I need to keep myself moving.
1. Three finished paintings a week.
2. Books to finish: (I have several books going, have been bad at finishing any of them, though they are all good)
 -the book Daya and I are reading together
 -the Sonia Choquette book about El Camino de Santiago
 -the map book by Colette Baron-Reid
3. Draw a card every day from that fun deck I got which goes with the map book and think thoughts about it that no one will really care about except me but this is my blog.


  1. I am really bad about setting goals. I think this is a great way to keep yourself motivated. I am reallly good at' Be'ing. That doesn't get much accomplished tho. Love your colorful paints. I have never tried oils. My mother used them awhile. I remember the smell of linseed oil.

  2. Ohh paint and goals! Those are excellent. <3 <3 <3

  3. I am only here for the sexy, sexy paint shots!


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