topiary cats

topiary cats

Monday, April 20, 2015

The Heavies

I need a project for myself, and I'm thinking a month long thing during May.  An art thing.  What, I don't know but I have to keep myself moving.  This case of Spring Heavies that I've got is really bad this year.  It's like I am swimming on dry land.  Everything takes such effort. Constantly.

I can't think of anything to do about it that I'm not already doing....and then some.  So I just have to keep on.

This month-long project needs to be something fun but not too intense. I picked up a set of The Enchanted Map cards and the book by Colette Baron-Reid.  They looked interesting, and they are. Maybe I'll work with this deck, draw a card every day as a daily meditation.

Whatever the heck I signed up for in this life...sometimes I just really want to smack myself.  I go back and forth between trying to find/seeing a purpose, and NOT UNDERSTANDING and just feeling like something is really wrong with me and I'm completely abnormal.  But if there is something wrong with me -and sometimes I really think there might be- I can't find it (which doesn't mean it isn't there).  But there are things that I just don't get which seem to be no-brainers for the rest of the world.

I'm not at rock bottom, I just like this image.


  1. Bounce... Your art project would be perfect to get your mind going in a positive way... Hugs...

  2. Well, there's something or other wrong with everyone.'re normally abnormal, or abnormally normal, or abnormally abnormal...I don't know. I'm pretty sure I'm all of the above.

    Sometimes we are meant or able to understand and sometimes we aren't.

    But that is a cool image.

    I hope you can find a Project. <3 Meditation-based is probably a really, really good idea.

    I do sympathize with your reaction to spring. :( My reaction has nothing to do with spring...but treasure the fact that you have a heart that can feel, because it's not a given here in life. <3

  3. I am just embarking on a "mindfulness" course and it got me thinking about combining art and meditation.

    Apparently, Zentangles is the answer!

    1. That's cool Rols! zentangles are relaxing to do. :)


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