topiary cats

topiary cats

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Hudson: Drusilla

My main (and best!) reason for going up to Hudson was, of course, to see Drusilla.  I have been friends with Dru for a long time.  Amazingly, she still likes me after all this time!  Dru is my Ratly Art friend.  She was a Manhattanite for a really long time and now she is in Hudson.

Aside from her ability to draw better than God (as the late great Dave Passalacqua would say), she is a supremely wonderful human being.  She has great stories and a wacky perspective. And her hair was purple this past weekend.

Also, her apartment is full of Really Cool Stuff!!

Dru's bathroom has black walls and a really fun color-changing night light.

The night light

I don't know what this thing is but I LOVE it.

Dru has paint and a brush farm.

 And many stacks of papers.  It truly feels just like home.

Dru has a naked mole rat stuffed animal.  Seriously, how freaking COOL is that??

Naked Mole Rat

If you want to see the rainbow night light against a white background, no problem.
Just head to the kitchen.

There is a cat gargoyle on the steps outside.

It watches the glass rats.

Best New Yorker cover EVER.

Just like me, Dru loves her tea.  She guards her tea collection very effectively.

 Here are some tiny rats in tiny bottles.

There are some assorted beasties who live with Dru, but they deserve their own post.


  1. An interesting friend for sure.

  2. She sounds great and her home is full of wonders!

  3. You are an outrageous flatterer! Nice reporting about my bathroom! LOL!

  4. Wow. Not just anyone can have such glowing reviews of a bathroom. :D


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