topiary cats

topiary cats

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Hudson: Beasties

Dru describes her cats as big and stupid.  I describe my cats as annoying and stupid.

To be honest, Dru's kitties do look a bit...blank...sometimes, but they are both pretty awesome and friendly.

Emo and Dorin (did I spell that right?)

They have their own fountain, tunnels, mesh boxes, scratchy things, and a toy that looks like a tea bag.  I forgot to take a picture of the cat-tea.

Emo does look a bit blank doesn't he?

The cats have Cool Stuff.
They had an inconvenient scratchy place in the kitchen, so Dru accommodated them with a scratch post.  They do not use it.  Silly kitties.

 My cats need these.


They are so cute and wonderful!  I miss rats. Dru has nine.  They live in two massive rat-estates. They are wonderful and fat and happy.

Daya and Bindi


  1. Those cats do look eerily similar to Pook in many ways....he is not the brightest, either. Also, they look like champion sheddders!

    Was looking at your post when the kids came up.

    Scarlett: "That's a cute girl with a rat!! The rat has funny eyes."

    Gavin, a little late the to party: "What is that? A mouse?"

    We were discussing the ridiculousness of such a creature being a mouse.

    Toria, in full Toria mode: "It's a mou!!"

  2. "Champion shedders!" Spot on!


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