topiary cats

topiary cats

Sunday, April 05, 2015


I love Easter.  It's a great holiday.  Of course in the Christian religion it is the celebration of the resurrection of Christ.  And it is a resurrection time- Spring resurrecting the world from the death of Winter.  It's nature.

Easter was not originally a Christian holiday at all- it was converted, so to speak. It was a pagan holiday of celebrating Spring.

Also, Easter has the BEST candy.

So what do eggs, chicks, bunnies and all the fun Easter things have to do with Christ?  Nothing whatsoever. But they have everything to do with  the goddess Eostre.  The holiday bears her name, still, even today. The ancient customs are still celebrated.

Enjoy your Peeps and Cadbury eggs and egg hunts and egg dyeing and baskets!


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