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topiary cats

Friday, April 24, 2015

Cruel Hearts

"...treasure the fact that you have a heart that can feel,
because it's not a given here in life."

Huh. Carey wrote that in a comment to one of my posts earlier this week. And it's true, but I never actually thought of it in those terms.  I assume most people do have a heart that can and does feel.  Perhaps Carey is right though, maybe it is true that many people can't, or they have forgotten.  Or other things are more important.

It is true that there are cruel hearts everywhere.

Sometimes doing what we think is the "right" thing is most definitely NOT.  No matter how it may seem on the surface.  Carey's statement makes me think that we must be so careful with whom we closely engage our hearts, if we happen to have a sensitive heart.  It's probably a bad idea to engage a sensitive heart with a cruel heart.  That might seem like common sense but anyone who has lived even a little knows better.

Because I am a mom, I evaluate things in relation to being a parent.  That goes for monitoring my personal relationships, because I have to model for Daya.  I will not allow anyone to treat me in a way that I would not want Daya to let people treat her. Because I know she will see and learn from my example.  If I can't do it for myself, for some reason, I will do it for her.


  1. Carey is a wise one, indeed.

    Sometimes a bad heart is kept hidden and we only realise after the fact :(

    It is excellent that you show such a great example to Daya - well done!

  2. Ohh, you quoted me *in purple!* <3

    This is a topic I explore a lot myself. It is interesting and, I think, a very deep topic. And something that is so good to consider and explore.


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