topiary cats

topiary cats

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Artistic Inertia

I have two (2) more Hudson posts, but I'm going to take a little break.

Carey sent me a text about her total lack of motivation, and if I thought she needed a big canvas to help get motivated.

I told her that yes, she probably does need the large canvas- but I have done exactly the same thing (for real!) and it didn't help get me motivated.  It might help her though, and I hope it does.

Sometimes Stape Kearns calls me to chat, which is nice because he is really interesting and, well, cool.  I enjoy listening to his stories and his perspective.  We had a nice chat the other day. He is a workaholic. Work, work, work, for him, constantly.  I wish I was more like that.  I am definitely NOT a workaholic, as much as I would like to be.  Stape has a lot of inertia- the movement kind. I have a lot of inertia- the still kind.  But then again, Stape's art is and has always been his livelihood.  I don't have that kind of pressure.

Time is not my problem.  Like Carey, I DO have the time.  Energy is not the problem- I DO have the energy.  I also have ideas.

What discourages me is when I do show up at the easel-  and I can't get it together.  So then I think why bother, showing up at the easel won't get the energy flowing.

Perhaps I need to go outside and paint.  When it is just a little nicer outside I'm going to go paint on the nature trail in the Bronx Zoo.  Dru and I are going to take a nice day trip to the river walk in Poughkeepsie. And the Hudson Valley in general is very accessible, especially now that I don't really have to get Daya at a certain time from childcare.  So things are opening up, slowly. New surroundings, new energy.  I need that.

What I think I am is overwhelmed.  That makes me shut down and I really think that is the heart of it in my case.  What overwhelms me? My stupid apartment is the first thing that comes to mind.  I need to get some semblance of organization.


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  1. I feel some of that, too, the not-getting-it-together thing. That is what often discourages me in just doodling in a book or something...the fact that it just doesn't end up like I want. It is why I must be so slow. Sometimes I think, just do something...but that doesn't really work to fix my mental block.

    I envy your ideas. :D But I probably have more than I give credit...I do tend to put them off.

    Even though I have not started my Canvas, it has already got me moving in my other areas. :D


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