topiary cats

topiary cats

Monday, March 23, 2015

This Year

Sharon's words above are pretty much a good summation of how I feel about this year.  I feel energetic shifts happening.  I have a lot of hope for positive change.  I need some change.

What I really need to do is bring new external energy in.  I'm so internal- very good at the internal stuff, but I am not so good at external.  And this is my challenge.  I need to bring in new energy, new people, new positive influences, get involved in new things.  One would think in a city like NYC that would be easy.  In some ways it is, in many ways it is not.

My starting point is going back to yoga.  IYI has a lot of events as well, which I will check out.  The nice things is that I can either go alone, or I can bring Daya with me now that she is old enough.

So, while I have a good attitude and am doing the right things, I am struggling between the balance of having hope and having expectations.  Expectations lead to disappointment.

It is good to not have expectations, but how to balance that with attaining what you want?  I don't know.

But I do know I need to open up externally more.  It's a paradox; a while ago I wrote about being too yang- but in this respect I am way too yin.  Spring is the perfect season to bring in new energy.

My personal mantra and challenge is to stay open and positive. This is something I constantly have to remind myself when negative and doubtful thoughts surface. It is a constant, ongoing effort.


  1. Figuring out what to do with goals and expectations is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. To get somewhere specific, you need goals. Expectations are integral to life. But wrapping all that together, we aren't really the architects after all...

    But maybe that is the key.

    We can either be open or we can be closed; if we are closed, things can find us and force us out of ourselves, but it's much better to just be open.

    That is hard.

    Good outlook for the year, though!


  2. I love that you can now take Daya to yoga with you!

    Looking forward to reading about your new adventures - have fun making new experiences for yourself and Daya.


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