topiary cats

topiary cats

Monday, March 09, 2015


When Carey was pregnant with her first child, I strongly encouraged her to name the baby after me. Since she had a boy, she was off the hook.

Then she had TWO GIRLS.  I tried everything to persuade her to name one of them after me.  even a middle name.

And now she is growing #4.  I pulled out all the stops to get this child named after me, including reverse psychology and giving the baby a different name every single day.  Although I am steadfastly optimistic that this child will still be my namesake, I actually think it is a boy.  Which means Carey will have to have another baby.

BUT.........she went to the store the other day and she sent me this wonderful picture of a cactus she adopted!  I suggested she names it Jessica AND SHE DID!!!  I have a cactus named after me now!

So happy.

Jessica the Cactus


  1. And a beautiful plant it is.

  2. I hope Jessica will be happy here. :D :D

  3. I am sure Jesse is a boy's name, that is sort of like yours.

    It is a beautiful cactus and I am glad it is named after you!


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