topiary cats

topiary cats

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


This will sound odd, but I really like my current morning routine.  Even though I am naturally a night owl.  As life changes so do mornings.  And my mornings have gone from really difficult to really easy.

My first alarm goes off about 5:30ish.  I snooze it- several times. This is the signal for Isis and Furball to come swarming over to say good morning. (Pebbles is confined to the bathroom overnight, which makes life a thousand times more wonderful.) Then my (optional) ipad alarm goes off and scares me.  I shut that off.  Actually, I should just disable the damn thing, it is annoying and unnecessary. Then my phone alarm goes off and tells me point blank to wake up for work.  That is at 6:12.  I usually don't get up for another 15-20 minutes.  This is the time I should be doing my morning meditation.

Bathing at night....with cats

If Daya is up before me she will come make sure I am up.  If I am up before Daya, I will wake her up. Yesterday morning when I woke her up she literally fell out of bed head first.  I'm not sure how she managed that, but she did fall out.  We both thought it was hilarious.  It is good to start the day laughing.

We both bathe at night, so mornings are short and simple.  We each do what we need to do, gather what we need for the day. We usually have very little drama or stress.  Daya gets breakfast at school, if she wants it. The Bus Alarm goes off at 7:05. We are out the door.  Daya likes to chat on the way to the bus stop- about school, dance, dreams she had during the night, whatever is on her mind.  She gets the bus and I go to the subway.  I get to work right around 8.

 On the lookout for the school bus

My wheels

I like being in the office early- it is quiet and few people are around.  I get my first cup of tea and do my makeup at my desk, while I check my email and calendar, and see what I have going on for the day.  It is a very nice relaxing ritual.  Then I get my second cup of tea and I am in full swing.

Tea and Urban Decay
When Daya was a baby and mornings were much more difficult, I made a Control Journal.  It was so great because I didn't have to think, and I got to cross things off a list.  I found my old Word document with my routines from Feb. 2007!

Evening Routine

Morning Routine

After Work Routine


  1. GREAT photo of Daya & kitty!

  2. Wow. That is awesome.

    I want a routine.


  3. I no longer have the mom duties, but I seem to remember chaos and me screeching like a hag on occasion. Your mornings seem so much calmer!


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