topiary cats

topiary cats

Monday, March 16, 2015


Drusilla posted a Valkyrie for the March ACEO contest.  It was an absolutely amazing and powerful image, so of course I made sure that I won the auction.  And it got me thinking...I should commission Dru to do a Hela ACEO card for me.

Hela is the Norse goddess of death. (also spelled Hel or Hella)  I was ordained (ordained as in priesthood) to her back in my pagan days.  I have only ever met one other person who was also called to Hela- and interestingly enough we both discovered we had a couple of the same dreams regarding Hela, and we also have the same tattoo in the same place.  Which we had both gotten before we ever met. FWIW, it is interesting.

I do not work with Hela very much, despite her being one of my patron deities.  I don't talk to her. Actually, I have gone several years without ever thinking of her.  I can't really say at all that I work with her- it's definitely more accurate to say she works with me.  And all of this is ok.  I do have a very deep connection to her which is very unique.  Because of this, I can get very dark sometimes- but that is ok.  I am not afraid of this energy.  It is not harmful or hurtful energy.

Although she is very dark, there is nothing "evil" about her.  Modern Western culture really doesn't deal with death energy very well, so I suppose she might appear frightening, but really she isn't at all.

In Norse mythology, Hela ruled the land of the dead- Helheim- and it was said that all those who did not die in battle went to her. She is depicted as half living and beautiful, and half dead skeletal.  Her realm was not viewed as "bad" or "evil".

Hela has a very special care and protection for children who die as well as the very elderly.  She is also very protective towards those who have a physical disfigurement or physical disability, or any noticeable physical abnormality. (that's not in the Eddas- that is my own experience with her energy)

Death energy can be physical death as well as metaphorical death.  I didn't understand Hela for a long time because I have not experienced much physical death in my life at all.  So I didn't know how to relate to her.  In my case, understanding of her energy has been something that happened through time, as I matured and went through my own life transitions.

I have walked through her realm three times now.  It has always been unpleasant but it's also ok in the end.  And I usually don't figure out what is going on until it is over.  In my case, Hela's energy is going through spiritual death and transformation, leaving parts of myself that really do need to die at her door.

Hela is very, very, very still.  And silent.  She is not a dynamic energy goddess but she is a trans-formative goddess. She is the ultimate badass of microbiology. When she speaks it is direct and to the point. She is a paradox of subtle and not-subtle.  She is deeply wise.  Though her energy is death energy, and all that entails, it includes preparation for rebirth and that type of transformation, There is very deep love in her energy.

Anyhow, I wanted to honor her, so I commissioned this wonderful ACEO.



  1. A great image. I think a lot of us have a bit of Hella in us.

  2. Thanks. That was a more insightful and enlightening explanation than anything I could find about her. :)


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