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topiary cats

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Green Team

I am so stinking ridiculously proud of Daya- she was invited to join the All Stars dance team! There are sub-teams, and she is on the Green Team.  She has been wanting this for a long time, and she has been working very, very hard to show her teachers that she is ready.  She wanted this so badly.  I am proud of her hard work, and I am also glad that she had to work for it.  I want her to know the feeling of accomplishment of working hard, of delayed gratification.

A lot of things come really easy to Daya.  Sometimes too easily. She is very clever and ahead of her age in maturity and independence. She learns quickly. She has high standards for herself.  I do not have to push her at all in school- she is highly motivated already. She does her work on her own.  The dreadful ELA test is coming up, and she asked me if I could email her teacher asking for a copy so she can study and prepare more.  I told her not to worry about the test- but she wants to do well.  She wants to get into honors in middle school.  She is driving herself to excel.  All I have to do is support and encourage her, and tell her I am proud no matter what.

I see every single day how dance has helped her.  I see it in her confidence, her physical health, her social health, her mental and spiritual health.  I see it in her joy. I knew this would be the outcome- that's why I started her early and have been consistent about her lessons. She loves it.   She is always practicing.  The studio is a wonderful environment.  The dance team is very community-focused, which I like.

My Sneaky-Mom Plans are in full effect though- I have Planned Ahead.  When she hits middle school, I want her BUSY.  I want to know where she is, what she is doing,  I want her involved in something positive.

And I am thinking about high school as well.  She wants to go to a performing arts high school, and I also want that for her.  It's a much better environment.  I would absolutely LOVE for her to get in to LaGuardia.   If she works hard enough, I think she has a real chance.  But if not, there are other arts high schools.

The money, the sometimes hectic schedule of getting her to and from class- it is all worth it.

Pre-Pointe class


  1. Yay! Well done Daya and well done you for being such a sensible and supportive mom!

  2. Brava Daya!!! Well done!!

  3. Congratulations Daya. I am so happy for you. I know Mom is happy and she should be. :)


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