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topiary cats

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Collective Hate

Human nature loves to vilify and condemn.  Take, for example (one of countless examples), Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz who crashed the plane killing himself and 149 others.  It's an awful, horrible act.  But I send love to and prayers for him as well as those who were killed and their loved ones.

There is immense negativity and hatred towards this man from the masses.  It is a form of Collective Hate, which I also term as Group Hate.  It is poison.

I refuse to participate in most forms of collective energetic focus- including politics, church, and any collective social groups with a unified belief system and/or agenda- these are all Tribes.  I do not join Tribes. I'm not necessarily opposed to them; some of them are helpful and beneficial and have their place- but I will not participate in them.  

My energy is mine to control and direct- adding it into a group collective with someone or something else controlling and directing that energy is, IMHO, a very bad idea.  It is the energetic equivalent to what happens with our tax dollars.  I have to pay taxes and can't really control where it goes, but I can choose where my thoughts and energy go.

Collective Hate is a very, very dangerous thing. It is invoked by the media and leaders of Tribes. It spreads rapidly and infects many, many people.  One of the worst things you can do to yourself is engage and contribute energetically to Group Hate.  It weakens and damages your energy and makes you very vulnerable in many ways.

I see people asking a lot in Reiki groups (and other places) how to protect themselves from negative energy. Shielding is important, however the best way to protect yourself is to radiate love and compassion.  When you make a choice to disengage from Group Hate and send love instead, it is not because you are saying the act is ok, rather you are protecting yourself and your energy.  It's the same concept as forgiveness.  When you do not participate in and generate negativity and hate, these negative energies cannot latch onto you.  You are not inviting them in.  They cannot become part of you.  They cannot poison you.

If you want to be Light, that's how to do it.  It starts in your thoughts, in the intentions of your thoughts towards others (and yourself!).  It continues in the words you speak and write. Then in your actions.  Be careful.  Go away from the mainstream collective. Guard your energy.

Own your energy

Spread love, not hate- even in the most challenging of situations.

This is what the practice of loving-kindness meditation is all about.


  1. Such wise words and a great philosophy to live by!

  2. What an interesting perspective and thoughts. You always give me so many interesting things to think about. <3

    I wish more people thought about things. *sigh*

    I think this perspective does miss out on all of the good that can be built up by a community, which I have seen and experienced first hand. The world needs this. Desperately. (And...well, many people are not sensible enough to go out on their own. Not that they are often sensible enough to choose the right authorities, either, come to think of it. What a mess the world is.)

    On the other hand, I've never ever been one to totally identify with a group, as many are wont to do, and such things can (and do) lead to...not such good results. Unfortunately, here on earth amongst people, you can't do without the one, but you can't obliterate the other.

    The world could really, really use more collective love. There exists more than is evident, but...more would be good.



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