topiary cats

topiary cats

Friday, March 20, 2015


When babies get mobile and start creeping around, then walking, people usually childproof dangerous places.  I put a lock on the bathroom cabinet under the sink, which was a source of constant toddler obsession.

Daya broke through the first lock so I got a better one which worked great.  She still remembers that lock!

Now that she is much older, we don't need to childproof anything.

Um, except that we do.

Because of the stupid cats.

One night sometime last year, I woke up in the middle of the night to a scary horrible smell.  I went into the kitchen to discover that Pebbles had turned the stove on. I have a gas range.  I had left a pan on the burner with a plastic spoon in it- which completely melted.  And I know for a fact it was Pebbles.

So I childproofed the stove with those knob covers.

Now, I have to childproof the freezer because of Isis.  She has opened the freezer several times, my chocolate ice cream being the latest casualty.  I know it is Isis because I have seen her do it.

The cats are far worse than Daya ever was.



  1. Have you ever taken your cats for a walk outside on leash? Maybe they would like that. Wear them out and they might not be so naughty inside. At least that is what I would prescribe for naughty dogs. :)

  2. Lol, oh kitties.

    My mom has that very saying from your picture on her wall, incidentally. :D

    I second the idea of putting your cats on a leash...not because I expect it would help, or that they would like it...but a cat on a leash is very, very funny to watch. ;)

    Then again, maybe your cats would be like Mr. Ultimate Friendly Cat!...he seemed to love walking.

    ...But I really highly doubt it, lol.

  3. Pesky cats! I had the same turned on gas burners on my cooker by my late departed cat (no connection), the whole kitchen was full of fumes, but luckily my son was living with me and a bit of a night owl, so he turned off the tap and cleared the air.

    Going further back in time, our neighbour's Burmese cat would come in via the catflap and open my fridge and steel anything she could find. It took some confusion before I discovered the culprit.


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