topiary cats

topiary cats

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Daya went to the dentist last night.  (Perfect checkup, grape fluoride)

We took the bus back and got off a few blocks from home. We were walking through the neighborhood, quiet residential streets- no one else out.

Then, out of nowhere an Asian lady of unknown origin called to me from across the street.

Her: "Do you want some sviata?"
Me: "What?"

She crossed the street and came over to us.

Her: "You want sviata?  You buy sviata?  I have sviata."
Me: "What?  No.  I don't know what that is."

But I sure was curious.

Her: "Sviata."
Me: "I don't know what that is."

She opens her bag.  I'm thinking... Oh, great she's selling weed. In front of my kid.

Her: "Sviata.  For you, five dollars."  She pointed to Daya.  "Sviata for her." 

She pulled out what might have been a hat, a scarf, or a sweater. We couldn't tell.

Now, I'm really, really good with foreign accents, and figuring out what people are saying.  I can usually even figure out what they are saying over the subway loudspeaker on the old trains.  For real.

But "sviata"- nope.  No clue.

I said no thanks and walked away.

Daya and I just could not get over how incredibly weird that was.  And then I had to explain to her why I was surprised the woman wanted to sell what we think meant "sweater", but I would not have been surprised if she was trying to sell weed.

Daya LOVES her dentist.  For real.
She wears my sunglasses because she is "allergic to light".

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