topiary cats

topiary cats

Friday, February 13, 2015


Listen children to my simple song
The human life is not so very long
Taking heed, as you grasp for goals
For destiny is full of holes
Back on earth I pray you won't go wrong

Here is an excerpt from Out of Mo's Mind.  I like Mo. He has good things to say.  And his latest article was about love- apt, for Valentine's Day, which is tomorrow.  But this really applies to every day, every moment.

This is not the full article- I pulled some bits out, bits I like.

What would the world be without romantic love?

Love is a constant, a thread that connects the human experience throughout the ages, like beads on a Mala. It weaves its way through every aspect of our existence and links us to our ancestors and to those who will follow.
Throughout history, love has been objectified, moralized, petrified, monetized, confused, burdened with lead ingots of guilt, denied, vilified and turned into a device to sell products. Yet, love itself hasn't changed.
Love is a constant. Love is a baseline of the human experience and without it, we lose our humanity.

Love is not a weakness. Love is strength. Love is the ability to share emotional honesty and be fully confident in the security of spiritual intimacy. True love does not cause misery in our lives, but brings us joy and fulfills us. True love is always a risk, one worth a leap into the abyss of vulnerability.
Each one of us has to believe in love in order for it to be in our lives. Often, it sneaks up and suddenly pounces onto our path, but If we don't believe in it, we'll shove it out of our way and push on. If we are to recognize love, we have to hold the truth that it's real and that we're entitled to have it.
Yes, we've all been disappointed and many of us have been fooled by what we thought was love. Many of us have been betrayed or have talked ourselves into something that turned out to be more nightmare than dream. There's no question that love isn't easy.

There's also not a single atom in me that doesn't fully believe that the search for love must go on and is more important than almost anything else we do. This doesn't necessarily mean seeking other partners or being dissatisfied in what you have, but it means always looking for the happiness that you deserve and the love that you are capable of as a human being on this planet.

You know this is true. Your own heart whispers these hopes to you in your daydreams and in your most secret of moments. Never deny the utterings of your heart.
Until next week I wish you peace, love and certainty.

In life we are constantly choosing between fear and love.  These forces are interwoven in every detail of our lives.  Fear may seem stronger, but love is always more powerful.  It is always ours to consciously choose.

I read a blog post recently; this paragraph is quite powerful.

All of this–my experiences in Guatemala each time I went there, my experiences in other countries where we’ve traveled, our time in Honduras, our lives as nomads, it all got me thinking about fear and how, so often, we allow fear to be the deciding factor in our lives. It comes in many forms; fear of the unknown, fear based on one-dimensional pictures of a place or a person, fear of failure, fear of taking that first leap, fear of being vulnerable, but it all ends the same way, in deprivation.

If you want your dreams here and now
Pull- don't push- the sacred cow
-Stuart Wilde

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