topiary cats

topiary cats

Saturday, February 07, 2015

Important Secrets

Here is some very essential parenting advice:

Have a secret chocolate stash.
Under no circumstances should your child/ren discover your stash. 
It is yours and yours alone.

I had to replenish mine, and I also had to get Daya, which presented the challenge of having Bags With Stuff that she can see.  When Daya sees I have a shopping bag she usually needs to know immediately what is in it, and she has to paw through it just to make sure.  In case there is something for her, which often there is.

Triumph was mine, however, and she did not ask about my two shopping bags (tho I had an answer ready) and she did not go through them.

The challenge now is ongoing secrecy, which gets harder and harder the older she gets.

Secret Chocolate is Essential

IMPORTANT NOTE: Art supplies may also fall under this category.

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  1. This cracks me up. Mainly because my Husband does this with me. tee hee... I don't even eat a lot of chocolate but if I know it is in the house I will certainly eat it. So he usually has a stash in his office.


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