topiary cats

topiary cats

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I Need to Paint

Last week Carey and I started a sketchbook project.  Carey is my Great Motivator.  I need to feel accountable. I do better with deadlines.  Often, we are both in the same slump.  Except she is better at getting out of it than I am.  Anyhow, we are supposed to do three sketchbook things a week.  She did hers, these incredible collage things.

I did half a page (sky) and the background of a double page spread.  Not so great.

Despite having a lovely pile of new acrylics to play with, I can't seem to muster up the focus to finish anything.  Now I feel guilty, so I have to do better this week.  And I have to make up for last week.

What blocks me:
  • Laziness (I have so much to do, it is overwhelming so I shut down and do nothing)
  • New sketchbook (I really, really DO NOT LIKE starting new sketchbooks)
  • I'm upset (still furious. and sad.)
  • General disheartened feeling (people, disappointment)
  • Cats in the way (yes I know that is lame)
I need to kickstart myself somehow.  Usually showing up at the easel does it, but even that hasn't been working lately. Where my motivation went....I just have no clue but I sure wish it would come back.

While I always will be a die-hard Oily Girl, I am going over to the Quick-Dry Side and doing acrylic work in my sketchbook.  I have a bunch of Golden Opens, and I like them a lot but I prefer superfast drying for my sketchbook.  So I have acquired some more Golden regulars.

Here is something very annoying I have learned:

The cats like to drink my dirty paint water.  While I don't have any toxic acrylic pigments--Nevermind I have cadmium and cobalt!-- Well, it's probably not the best thing for them to be drinking.  Of course they have fresh water out at all times but they want acrylic paint water.  Stupid cats.  This is definitely not something I ever have to deal with in oils.

Isis goes up there, drinks the water, 
settles down and will not move.
Pebbles and Furball saw her and now they do it too.

Jerry's started carrying the non-Jerry's brands!
I had a 20% off ALL paint coupon!!


  1. Open those paints and get started. I can't wait to see what you do with them. :) How is that for motivation?

  2. I love my Goldens - I use the regulars for the early stages and the Opens for the later ones - the Opens do dry quickly with a blast from a hairdryer.

    LOL at the cats drinking the water - I hadn't thought of that!

    Now, where can I find Carey's sketchbook pages? Off to find out...

  3. Hey, Jessica, that is still a start!! This week I have been feeling a little blocked...because I am now motivated, but want to do something good, not just...anything. I should just do anything!

    Hi Rolinaaaaaa! Hey, I've been at your blog (shoulda commented! didn't think...)...have not posted in my blogs, but I do think I will start!


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