topiary cats

topiary cats

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

For Julie

My awesome friend Julie asked me some questions in her comments.

Are you Wiccan, or have you studied the Wiccan ideas? My Mom and I went into a store one time and were truely intrigued by this. They told my mom she was a Crone (a wise, older woman), but my mom was familiar with the earths seasons, tides, moons. She was in a natural way, a Wiccan woman. It was an eye opening experience for her, and me too.
I am not Wiccan or any specific religion.  I love them all.  Yes I have been immersed in a few pagan religions, I know a lot about them.  I am nothing and everything, but at my core I'm a nice pagan girl.  :)  I also LOVE the Tao and Buddhism, Gnostic Christianity, the Talmud, the Koran, Sufism,  Rumi...all of it.  When you get to the center of the sphere, everything is one and it is bliss.

From Little Green Book
I like this very much. I want to start a notebook too. Is there any specific way to set one up?

Well, as far as Reiki goes, you use the Reiki symbols and send Reiki into it.  But you could have a prayer book or box where you write down people, things, etc that you want prayers/loving energy for. There isn't any right or wrong.

Lol! The time just keeps flying by, sadly. I have tried to write in a journal, and I just can't think of anything to write. Its weird. I need to read someone else's to see how its lie!!!!
Silly Julie, you have been reading my journal for the past seven years!  And you have a rather nice one of your own!  Automatic writing is just stream of consciousness writing where you just write down your thoughts as you are having them.  It's generally pretty boring and incoherent but it is still a great thing to do if your mind is very noisy.

My Mom always said "You have 20 mins to cry, then get up and get busy"
Your mom was nicer than me.  I give Daya 2 minutes...and you know what?  It totally works.  There are, of course, hurts that need more time but I very firmly believe in expiration dates.  After a while you just have to move on and live your spirit back....otherwise you just become a walking ghost which is very sad.

Do you have a Universal Unitarian Church near you? Have you ever been to one?
Yes and yes... I don't feel the need for community in my spiritual practice. I don't isolate it to certain times, or places- rather it is a constant thing.

I never saw you with red before, but can we call you Ariel anyway???? ;)
lol I have been called worse...I guess so!


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