topiary cats

topiary cats

Thursday, February 12, 2015


Denise Linn mentioned once- maybe on her radio show? Maybe in a recorded lecture? I can't remember, it was a while ago- anyhow, she mentioned a study done in Sweden with elderly patients and the way they dressed.

Basically, they stopped "dressing like old people" and started wearing clothing that was more fashionable and "younger". The result was that it changed how they felt about themselves- in a very positive way.  They felt younger, more alive.  Their moods improved. Their health improved.  I wish I had a link to the study but I don't.

This whole idea is one of the reasons I started going ELECTRIC.  What the heck does that mean, you ask?
In my case, mostly makeup. And clothing too, but primarily my eye makeup. I have gone through periods of wearing it or not wearing it, but I always kept it pretty basic and simple.  Taupe, silver, or copper eyeshadow, mascara.  Maybe lipstick.  The end.

And then a few years ago I got really into Urban Decay. I started wearing colors.  Learned how to do it properly. I felt really weird and uncomfortable at first, and then I settled into it and started having a ton of fun.  It only takes a few minutes.  And people were saying how much they like it.  They still do.


So these days I will wear any color.  Even to work.  It is fun to do different looks and coordinate.  I like my brushes and my pigments. Four years ago, I wouldn't have ever considered it.  It is a small thing but it was a successful lesson in stepping out of my comfort zone and opening my mind.  I feel more dynamic, daring, and adventurous. And for the record I have no problem going out with no makeup- I do it often.

Doing stuff like this- or makeovers- will change the energy currents that are spinning in your energy field.

This same principle applies to your body posture and your mood.  If you carry yourself in a slumped position, it reflects your mood.  There are postures you can take, putting your body language in a posture of confidence and power that will change your mood.  So if you are feeling glum and need a simple way to elevate your mood, check out your posture.  Straighten up.  (Purple eye shadow might help too.)

It's all about comfort zones and getting out of them- expanding as a person.  It doesn't have to be big and dramatic.  The small silent things are most often the most powerful.


  1. Very good & true observations. :)

  2. Hi stapeliad!
    I dropped in here from WC expecting to look at artwork and instead found your "Electric" article. Very interesting. I don't have a link to your study, but did read info about a similar one not long ago:

    As I'm aging, I'm now laughing off comments about how I dress "too young" (although I've yet to try your flamboyent approach!). Thanks for the post!

  3. Hi Dru!!

    Hi Annie, Yes I do need to throw some paint at my blog. Have been really terrible about that lately.
    Thanks for stopping by! :)

  4. I must admit that I do tend to dress conservatively, but after reading this, I think I will start to introduce some bright colours into my life!


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