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topiary cats

Friday, February 06, 2015


Sometimes I can be very sensitive and sometimes things have no impact whatsoever on me.  Perhaps it depends on the people involved- that must be it because I can't think of any other reason.

Last weekend brought some drama.  Someone did not like a minor action I took as a moderator on the oils forum and they went off the deep end.  Like, really off the deep end.  Including a few youtube videos with virulently hateful comments directed at me.  It went on for a couple of days.

And it didn't bother me at all.  Truly.  It took up a lot of time, but it did not bother me at all on an emotional level.  I was more concerned for the person than anything else because I think they need some medical help, and I don't want them to hurt them self or someone else.  But as far as the hate they were throwing at me- I couldn't care less.

Something else happened last weekend too, which was a very small thing that upset me greatly. Recently, I had a conversation with my friends at a time when we were being silly and having fun. It reminded me of an old picture from 2009- which I couldn't find at the time but then I found it and posted it on Facebook.

Here is the picture.

We really are Close Personal Friends

Now, I have shown this picture to many people through the years.  I even won a blog contest with it.  Everyone- including religious people- has thought it is cute and funny, without exception.  And I was told by two people very close to my heart last weekend that they think it is offensive.  I asked why....and they said religious people think that is offensive.  To which I replied that I have shown it to many religious people who all think it is cute and funny.

The really puzzling thing is that these are the same people who think I am "in a box" because I don't want to go to a strip club. (It is offensive for me to be photo pals with JC but something is wrong with me if I don't want to go to a strip club?)

Why can we sing "What a friend we have in Jesus", and we are encouraged to be close with JC, but we can't be photo friends?

Also, I know for a fact that God has a fantastic (and seriously annoying sometimes :/ ) sense of humor.  We have to laugh to get through this life.  There is already way too much Serious Stuff to deal with.  Being human is really hard.  We have to have a good sense of humor.  And isn't laughing, and making other people smile and laugh a God-sent way of bringing joy and healing?

So anyhow, their reaction upset me quite a lot.  Not because I feel badly about the picture- I don't- but because I really can't handle it when people I love and am close to feel negatively towards me. (Except Daya- I don't care when she gets mad at me)  I get so upset if one of my friends is mad at me.  I'm not seeking their approval- but it upsets me and takes a few days to work out of my system.  I even called Sid to talk to him about it, as he is a Christian religious church-going guy- and he didn't understand their reaction either. He thought the picture was cute and funny.

I also asked Carey, who is a very devout Christian, and also deeply spiritual.  I asked her if she found it offensive- her response: "Oh my gosh that makes me laugh so hard.  So I guess not."

I don't think my friends are even mad at me.  It is their right not to like the picture.  It isn't even a big deal- but I was upset.  Yet some stranger slings very directed hate at me and I couldn't care less.  Emotions and reactions are so strange sometimes.  I also feel a bit misunderstood- because anyone who is really close to me should know that the two most important things about me as a person are my spirituality and my art.  I don't talk about my spiritual stuff much at all unless someone brings it up or asks me something- I like being quiet and invisible about it- but it is still something my closest friends should know by now- they should know how seriously I take that spiritual connection, so I could not act from an offensive mindset.  And there is a lot more to deep spirituality than solemn seriousness.

That's probably why Laughing Meditation exists.

Also, if you meet the Buddha 
on the road, kill him!

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  1. I see absolutely no harm in the picture at all, in fact it is funny. It is, after all, a painting, not the actual person Himself. Good grief, you haven't burnt the bible or anything! Some people are a bit too touchy.
    I also agree about your unwillingness to do the strip club thing, I don't think I would want to waste my hard-earned income on something like that either!
    Sorry too about the trouble on WC, you moderators do a great job and it is awful that you get targeted for it.
    Hugs all round - I think you are on the ball with your feelings, it is the others who are off base!


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