topiary cats

topiary cats

Friday, January 09, 2015

Stay In Your Cloud

A few months ago I got a new down comforter.  A King Size down comforter.  I do not have a king size bed, but that doesn't matter.

It is huge.  It is like sleeping in a huge cloud.

My Cloud

Isis likes to snuggle and purr under the cloud with me.  That makes it difficult to get up in the morning.

Especially with these temperatures:

Yes it does feel like -3!

Now, I'm a hard-core fan of cold and winter, but even I closed my windows.  (Except in the kitchen)  Because, IT'S REALLY COLD! Now, if *I* am saying that, you know it's cold.

I went outside before Jenn.  I warned her.

That says it all.


  1. Too funny message. I know you will keep warm in the cloud.

  2. Your cloud looks awesome! I know it must be hard to get up in those temperatures!!!! Esp.with that cute snuggly kitty in there with you!!!!


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