topiary cats

topiary cats

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Really Red!

My Mode of Operation sometimes is:
1. Act
2. Get in Trouble
3. Get Out of Trouble
4. Think

I'm pretty sure this is not the best approach to life....
This is why I need Jenn, She researches EVERYTHING before acting.

Case in point:  I dyed my hair...oh gosh it's really red!!  I was unsure at first if I liked it.

Daya loves it.  Carey says neither of us ever does tacky, which is true.  (Her hair is pink and it looks fabulous)

It's really red!!

After living with it for a day,
I came to the conclusion that it is AWFUL.

I look like Ariel.  It's that bad.

My only recourse is Dawn dish detergent, Neutrogena clarifying shampoo (Which stinks but is still good), and crushed vitamin C tablets.  If this doesn't work enough I am going to have to re-dye it. While I do know you are not supposed to process your hair too much too soon, I have never cared too much about what I am "supposed" to do.  I'll get Jenn to research it.

Do you know that after you wash your hair about 17 times (yes literally) you get really bored?  I had to stop and take a break.

Thank goodness it's Winter and I can get away with wearing a hat.

I put some very pretty cayenne pepper on my altar.

Pretty Cayenne


  1. I think most women have done this to their hair. Ha... I know I have. I don't look good in red hair. I found that out too. What a fun thing to do to ones self when bored during winter. Maybe you should live with it. The good thing about red hair for me was that men would open doors for me. With my hair being it's natural grey they just look at me like I am an assault to their day. ha... Enjoy your red hair.

  2. Oh now I see where you died your haircred...I am reading backwards through your blog to catch up for all of January!!!! Lol. I know what you mean when it is too much out of the ordinary. I once had blonde streaks put in mine, and before I drove home from the salon, I drove to the store and bought brown hair dye. Within the hour I was a brunette again. Oh well, better to try than always play it safe. You can chalk it up to have been a fun experiment!


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