topiary cats

topiary cats

Sunday, January 11, 2015


Yesterday I went to my friend's daughter's son's first birthday party.  I got the invitation sometime in early December. Since I knew what day it was, and that I was definitely going, I did not bother to open the card to get the details until this past Monday.

My friend lives in Ridgewood.  The baby lives in Ridgewood. Everyone lives in Ridgewood.  Like any normal sane person, I assumed the party would be in Ridgewood, which is not far from me and easy to get to. A very nice neighborhood, Ridgewood.

I opened the card.

The party was not in Ridgewood.

It was in FAR ROCKAWAY.  In the projects.  Great.

I definitely did not want to go to Far Rockaway,  But I love my friend and had to be there for her, so we got on the LIRR and went far away to Far Rockaway.

There is a reason it is called FAR Rockaway.

So anyhow we got to Far Rockaway, to the projects, and of course we got lost.  On the way to getting lost, and on the way back from getting lost, we passed a haunted house.  Seriously, it was haunted.

Definitely Haunted.  No Question.

I wanted to get a good picture of the huge DO NOT ENTER sign on the door but Lexi was using the GPS on my phone.

You can kind-of see it here.

Just in case you are considering it, DO NOT ENTER.

Now, here's what happened at the haunted house.  When we were navigating to the correct direction, we passed the haunted house again.  After we passed it, my phone lost all its battery power and wouldn't even turn on.  This was very odd, since I didn't even know I had low battery.  Once at the party, I turned my phone on again, it booted up and I suddenly had 33% battery remaining!

The haunted house drained 
all of my iPhone's energy!  
Keep all iPhones away from haunted houses!

We finally got to the party, which was in the housing projects.  What was really fun and and special was the lack of any sort of lock on the building entry door.  Oh, and no security either.  Fun.

Well, I love my friend and she is one of the few people I would go out to Far Rockaway for.  She did not plan the party.  If she had, it certainly would have been in Ridgewood.


  1. Nothing like a big adventure to your day. Stay away from haunted houses. Scary places. This one fits the look. Big X on the windows, chain link fencing... Glad the little fellow had your company.

  2. The ghosts came and stole the energy from your phone. Maybe they can revive back up to at least zombie stage!


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