topiary cats

topiary cats

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Cat Profile: Isis

Name: Isis
Color:  Black Tortie, Angora
Also Known As: Snuggle-Floof, Queen Isis of the Fur
One word description: Insane
Backstory: Isis was picked up on the streets of Brooklyn and carted off to ACC.  She was either dumped or she escaped.  In my experience with her, both are equally plausible.  She was a New Hope cat.
Household Roles: The Queen.  The Snuggler
Favorite food:  Wet food
Favorite spots: The Bathtub- with or without water.  Between the back of the couch and cushions.  Any window. Daya's top bunk.
Oddities: Loves water.  Loves strangers- will run up to them and talk. Will smack anyone who walks by, just because.  Loves to smack other creatures across the face without any warning.  Bites regularly but doesn't hurt.

Smooshed in the couch

Isis is the cat I got in honor of my Sigynn.  She came to live with us about a month after Sigynn died. Before we went to Brooklyn to get Isis, I had a talk with Daya about how the new kitty would be scared and hide, to leave her alone and let her settle in, don't bother her etc etc.

Well, that's not what happened.  Isis was so ridiculously happy to be out of a cage.  She played. She sniffed around.  She hissed a little. She woke me up three times in the middle of the first night because she wanted love.  So much for being shy.  I heard a loud bang in the bathroom- when I went in there she was halfway out the window above the bathtub.  I pulled her back in and had a heart attack.

She's ready to strike!

Isis was incredibly obnoxious at first.  She would attack anything that moved.  She wasn't aggressive at all, she was just playing.  No social skills at all, just a big overgrown kitten.  I did some research on cat behavior and concluded that Isis was probably taken from her mother too young, and raised with people who interacted with her a lot and probably played rough.  When I adopted her the rescue said she should be an only cat.  We couldn't walk without getting attacked.  She even attacked the landlord.  (He didn't mind)  She was seriously obnoxious.

Itchy cat

That's why I decided Isis needed a kitten to play with.  I was going to adopt one of Pebbles' kittens, but it died.  So I took a different kitten (Furball) and Pebbles and that's why I have three cats instead of one.

Getting a kitten for Isis dramatically reduced her obnoxiousness.  It worked perfectly.  She has someone to chase and wrestle with, which is so cute to watch.  She is still pretty evil though.

Ridiculous cat

Isis is my snuggler!  She is the only cat that will really snuggle, and she is a champion snuggler!  She's soft and fluffy and has a loud rumbly purr which is always turned on full volume.  She snuggles under the blankets.
She also likes to come say good morning- when I wake up I call her and she comes flying over from wherever she was to say hello.

She truly loves the bathtub.

The Snuggler


  1. How sweet! My cat lashes out and scratches you across the face too, for no apparent reason! He really makes me mad, too, when he does! He is 18 years old now, but was a kitten on the streets when found as a baby with brothers and sisters. You will be sitting there petting him, and his tail will be going and he will be just purring so happily, and then, SLASH TO YOU!!!!!
    LOL. Love your new kitty!!!

  2. So Sweet. A nice kitty.

  3. You are a kind and clever cat mommy! I think Isis has landed on her feet (as cats are wont to do).


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