topiary cats

topiary cats

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Thumbtack Stuck in Hair

This morning I got a call from the school, but it wasn't for me.  They were looking for my friend, and I am her emergency contact.

They told me her son put a thumb tack in his hair and it was stuck, they want permission to cut his hair.  I repeated the problem to them to make sure I understood it correctly.  Several times. Thumbtack stuck in hair.  Confirmed.  Is it hurting him?  No.  But they can't get it out.

Many things are baffling about this.

1. First of all, here is the child in question.  He doesn't have much hair, and what he has is fine and non-tangly.


2. How does a thumbtack get stuck in anyone's hair? (Unless it was Daya.  Then I might understand.)
3. Why did he have a thumbtack in the first place?

I contacted my friend who had no words. We were both trying to understand this one.

As it turns out, Gavin got Fun-Tack in his hair.  The stick-things-to-the-wall-putty stuff.

Kneaded erasers are much better to play with than Fun-Tak.  
Trust me on this one.

This was an event the school considered serious enough to:
1) Call my friend and leave a voicemail
2) Call me, her emergency contact
3) Send a follow-up email about the situation.


When Daya fractured her finger they dismissed the whole thing as being a complete non-event.

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  1. LOL love the story!

    Fun-Tac or Blu-Tac or that sort of stuff s better for lifting colored pencils than kneaded eraser. And of course better for sticking sketches to the wall.

    Other than that, kneaded erasers rule. I'd make sure the kid gets one for a fiddle thing.

    Typical school freakiness they're more worried about gook in his hair than a broken finger. Getting it out is probably something they hadn't tried like freezing it with ice cubes or using a solvent. Gum in hair is the same thing and can be gotten out.

    My daughter, who has children, cats, dogs, rabbits, chickens, goats and horses, has dealt with all kinds of thinsg in fur and it can be done. Wish I remembered her gum trick.


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