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topiary cats

Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Death of Blogs

A few weeks ago, I quit Facebook.  My brain suddenly and emphatically said ENOUGH.  My mind felt saturated with words, names, quotes, images, a point of overflow.  I feel mentally much better without Facebook.

Blogs have become out-dated.  No one blogs anymore.  Except me, because I'm now old-fashioned. There used to be such a thriving community.  I loved- truly loved- reading peoples' stories. Keeping up with them.  Reading comments.  Writing comments.  Sending them prayers, good wishes, and love that often they never knew about. Caring about someone else's story in their own space.  Learning from their stories.  There is something intimate about a blog.  You get to actually spend time with someone- pay attention to them- when you read their short stories.

Facebook newsfeeds are just....different.  Snippets and re-posts coming at an overwhelming pace.  Too much information from too many sources.  Everyone is throwing their snippets out into common space.  It's too noisy.  My mind can't handle all that noise.

Make it stop!

I miss the blogs I used to follow which are no longer updated.  Though many of my blog-friends are my Facebook friends, it is just not the same.  It's lonely out here in BlogLand but I like it better.  I like my own little tiny corner of the internet.

There were a couple of years when I didn't post much and now I am wishing I did- I like the record of stories and memories.

Facebook has its good points- such as finding people.  I found my Scotty again and for that I will always be grateful.  However, there is also something very unhealthy about Facebook.  It has overtaken so much.

The purpose of my blog is not to get attention.  Though if people visit I appreciate it very much.  Blogging is very therapeutic. It helps me, and maybe it helps someone else out there too.  Link


  1. I still enjoy blogs and have begun reviving mine again, though I got sidetracked in November by Nanowrimo. I'll probably start up again full bore in January though. January's always good for resolutions and fresh starts.

    Your blog is fun now that I've started reading it, and I'll probably stick around. Still waiting to hear about sorta sad but really ok at the same time, I do know that feeling. Letting go of something that needs to be let go of is a vast relief and it sounds like that, or like acceptance of something painful.

    I had a horrible time accepting that my disability was physical rather than psychological, incurable and I'd be dependent on other people regardless of how healthy I got my psyche. I got good at managing the stress but didn't have anything like a secure life till I got SSI.

  2. I completely agree with you 100%!!! There is not much of any kind of record that is worth much on Facebook. I still like blogging. I have a feeling people will return. Facebook is good for selling, and as you said, finding people, but I like the permanent, and easily searchable record of what you have done over the years! The comments people leave on your blog mean more, as those people have come there to actually see what you are up to. I'm glad we are continuing. I am so busy right now at this time of year, I'm not gettting much done on any front! I am having a Christmas breakfast for one family and then a Christmas dinner with another will be an all day affair! Trying to think now of menu, decor, and cleaning! Wrapping gifts is not done...and I am like a crazy woman. Hard to believe it is just a few short days away!!!
    See you around here!
    xoxo- Julie


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