topiary cats

topiary cats

Sunday, December 21, 2014

SOLSTICE: Conscious Election

Today is the shortest day, followed by the longest night.  It is the Birth of Light, which is what the season really is all about.  It's not religion, it is nature.

This is a very powerful time to birth our own light, change our course, and take back our energy from the places we have relinquished it.

My new card (and I didn't even have to pull it- I was told outright) - is The Star.

The Star
Image by Sanja
(Thanks Laurel!)

The Star follows The Tower. This makes very good sense.
Anyhow, on Conscious Election- we make choices with our thoughts and energy.  This runs very deep, and I have now learned it on a whole new level.  Though I have some work to do, I am grateful for my lessons. I am ready to move forward.

Have a beautiful Solstice.


  1. Are you Wiccan, or have you studied the Wiccan ideas? My Mom and I went into a store one time and were truely intrigued by this. They told my mom she was a Crone (a wise, older woman), but my mom was familiar with the earths seasons, tides, moons. She was in a natural way, a Wiccan woman. It was an eye opening experience for her, and me too.

  2. Sadly, no deck, just a one-off from a digital artist. The image is now gone, but you can see it and the artist's description via the web archive here.


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