topiary cats

topiary cats

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Please Stand By

Processing Current Life Lesson

Things are finally starting to come together.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH is, apparently, where I had to go.

You know what feels very strange?  Feeling truly sad in my heart and truly being ok at the same time.

Scorpio is fixed water. Deep, still water.  Dark water.  And water, symbolically, is emotion.  And believe me, we will explore every little bit of scary surface way down there in order to understand it and transmute it.  Well, I will at least.

You know what's down there in ScorpioLand?  These guys.

I want a pet Anglerfish.  I love them.

So anyhow I am processing.  Downloading.  Re-arranging my personal power. When I know more I'll blog it, because that really does help me sort it all out.

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