topiary cats

topiary cats

Thursday, December 25, 2014


Christmas is here again.


We have just finished opening gifts.  Daya made out pretty well, Santa was good to her.  What I am so glad about, apart from her new dvd player, is that this was an electronics-free Christmas.

Drusilla and Branwen sent a lot of unexpected packages.  
I'm deeply overwhelmed, humbled, and grateful for this amazing display of love.

Branwen went a bit crazy....

 That pile of purple is all from Branwen to Daya.

I am completely in love with this teacup.  
It will live on my house altar.  
It is that special.

These are AMAZING



The extremely elusive Urban Decay Vice Limited palette...was on sale for about 2 hours before selling out...I...I mean Santa...might have woken up at 4am to stalk the UD site and snag it before it sold out...

not obsessed or anything...nope....

Assorted Cat Pictures

 Cats with bows.

 Pebbles wants to rock UD.


 The elusive Furball.  I could not get a bow on her.

Queen Isis

I hope this holiday season- whatever you celebrate- was full of love.

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  1. Great pictures!! We will want to see the results of the Monster High make overs! Sending lots of love!


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