topiary cats

topiary cats

Friday, November 14, 2014

Soul Contracts

Tonight I entered into an official Soul Contract with Nancy.  You can do that; you can make agreements on a soul level with others for mutual benefit.  Because sometimes there are relationships that transcend time and space. Forever really does mean Forever. Nance and I are like that.  I don't care how crazy it sounds to anyone, and Nance is just as nuts as I am.

Nancy is going to be my biological mother in our next lifetime.  She wants us to both be Scorpios again, which is fine by me.  I want us to be in or close to NYC, which is fine with her.

I love Nancy madly and she loves me, which is fine by both of us too.  Nancy will be 75 tomorrow, and I selfishly tell her she isn't allowed to leave any time soon, because I still need her.

Also, so much in this lifetime has been incredibly challenging in regard to family (I don't know why!!), so it will be nice to have something nice to look forward to next time around.  Something good.  Because I know I can really count on Nancy, and she can always count on me.

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