topiary cats

topiary cats

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Heart Gifts

oh the fear i've known 
that i might reap the praise of strangers 
and end up on my own
                                                                                  -indigo girls
This above line is basically the story of my life.

We have to honor and respect others' paths and journey.  Especially when they speak to us honestly. When someone is open and honest, it is a gift.  Everyone has to make that choice between fear and love.  And it isn't a one-time decision, it is something we must consciously and constantly choose. 

We can offer assistance, support, and encouragement to help others move out of fear. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not.  In the end this is something everyone must decide and do for themselves.  We can only hope and pray they act and decide from a place of love, not fear.  But we cannot ever choose for them.

Almost never, a very special person may come along- a very rare kind of person.  A person worth keeping. A person with whom very special and amazing things could grow. A person who you want to tell "You will never find anyone else better than me.  I am the best you will ever find."  Especially when it really is true.  And you wish they really knew and understood that.  And they just cannot and/or will not.  

But people need to be ready to accept and receive the greatest Gifts the universe has to offer. And if they can't....well, it is very sad but we must honor and respect the Journey of others.  And pray that they have the strength and courage to combat fear and live in the love, joy, and abundance they deserve and that they find whatever it is that they need to find. 

Battle of the minds
Cries Below
Cries Above
You must pick a side
Will you choose fear?
Will you choose love?
               -Tori Amos

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