topiary cats

topiary cats

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Fog & the Wrong Train

It's foggy outside.  I like fog.  Except when life is a fog.  That's far less pleasant.

Speaking of fog, particularly Brain Fog, yesterday afternoon I took the wrong train home.  Well, not-home because it was the wrong train.  Almost 20 years in NYC riding the subway and I still took the wrong train. In my defense the N trains are usually the new trains; the R trains are the older ones with the yellow circle. Also, I was busy looking forward to my afternoon commute nap.

And that nap is why I ended up at the end of the line on the N train, up at Ditmars Blvd right by my very first apartment. I woke up because Carey texted me. It was so strange being back there, even if only on the train platform. A lot happened when I lived there.  It is so strange to be back to places from the past.  Familiar and not-familiar.

I refused to go all the way back down, so I walked over to the R train.  It was a nice walk.  When I got home Daya laughed at me. Jenn laughed at me too. I deserved it.

The N train should NOT impersonate the R train.

But there were good clouds up at Ditmars.

I found this today and I really like it.  Taking the wrong train is stupid, but thankfully not permanent.  Some stupid things are permanent though.

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