topiary cats

topiary cats

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Triple Grid

I did not mention yesterday that October, for me, is Archangel Michael month.  S/He came to me in a very tangible dream last October.  It was very profound with an absolutely tangible Presence for a few days afterward.

Right now especially I need to keep Archangel Michael very close.

And I need to start doing the Triple Grid regularly.

I learned how to do the Triple Grid many years ago.  It is very effective and I haven't invoked one for several years.  Shame on me.

This is the Triple Grid.  It can be used for any location remote or physical.

"Legions of Michael: grid level one, spherical, my house. (*or other location) 
Destroyer Force Angels: grid level two, spherical, my house. 
Circle Security: grid level three, spherical, my house.

"Destroyer Force Angels: please spin your grid, spinning out astral entities, adverse electromagnetic frequencies, fear, disharmony, anger, adverse astrological influences, expectation, frustration, viruses, fungi, bacteria, worry, astral distortions, miscommunication, sadness, enemy patterning, scarcity, loneliness, karmic monads, and anything that distorts the spiritual signature or clear communication with Spirit. Spin out anything that hasn't been mentioned in this or any other language, but which you know needs to leave the space at this time." (These are just a few suggestions. Fill in whatever is needed according to your situation).

When the clearing feels complete, continue with, "Reverse spin, same stuff." When that feels complete, end with, "Stop spin. Thank you."

"Legions of Michael, please infuse your grid with the energies of Grace, Purity, Faith, Hope, Peace, Liberty, Harmony, Love, Mercy, Alpha/Omega, Rapture and Victory Elohim. Infuse with love, intimacy, the Unified Chakra, being centered, clarity, full connection with Spirit, tolerance, clear communication, health, wealth, following Spirit without hesitation, mastery, sovereignty, living Heaven, and anything else that hasn't been mentioned in this or any other language, but which you know needs to be in the space at this time. Please seal your grid. Thank you." (Again more suggestions. Fill in whatever you need, according to your situation.)

"Circle Security, realign your grid to harmonize with upper-dimensional gridworks. Release all distortions and parasites on the grids. Infuse frequencies for clearer communication with Spirit. Seal grid. Thank you."

More info is here.

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  1. How interesting! Gonna share this post with my DIL. Thanks!


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