topiary cats

topiary cats

Friday, October 31, 2014

Prayer and Endings and Beginnings

I like the below passage. 

"Prayer is the greatest miracle in the world, because prayer means trust, love, surrender. It means all that is valuable. Prayer is not just repeating a formula, it is a pouring out of the heart. Prayer gives a different quality to your being. It is not that by praying you change god’s mind; there is nobody like god as a person and there is no such mind as god’s mind. People who pray try to change the mind of god; they are ill and they would like to be healthy, so they want to change the mind of god, but that is not true prayer. The true Prayer is that which changes you, not god. God is irrelevant, god is just an excuse, a device: the real thing is that the prayer changes the one who prays. When you are Praying you are no more the same person.

The ordinary mind continuously doubts; in prayer the doubt is relaxed, the gestalt changes, you start trusting. The ordinary mind always thinks negatively; in prayer you move to the positive; the pendulum moves from one polarity to another. The ordinary mind is always desiring, hankering, groping in the future; in prayer the future disappears, you are utterly here, now. This moment becomes your totality, and in that very totality something, a door that has remained closed forever, opens up.

To pray means to trust in miracles, to pray means that things are possible without your doing anything at all. To pray means that you need not go anywhere and all can come to you, wherever you are. To pray means that the existence has not abandoned you; you can still call it forth. It has mothered you, it is not indifferent to you. In short, prayer means believing in the impossible before breakfast! And when you believe in the impossible, it happens. When you believe in the impossible you have created the situation for it to happen; it was only impossible because there was no belief. Because the trust was not there it was impossible; now trust makes all things possible. Trust knows nothing is impossible."

My difficulty lies in having prayed in as connected a way as I know how to...having been in that Open state, that state of trust and is a difficult thing to sustain, the euphoria of prayer- and yet, still, it comes to nothing.  

Perhaps the fault is intrinsically mine, for having Wants. Or for not being connected enough.  Even though Abraham-Hicks states that we are supposed to be in a state of wanting, how else would we be able to connect with our dreams and desires?

Well, I managed a blog post every day this month.  And it is getting harder and harder to find non-cheesy images of Archangel Michael.

Here is a picture from my house altar, to close out the month.  All endings bring in new beginnings.
Let's see if November brings anything.

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