topiary cats

topiary cats

Monday, October 13, 2014


When I went upstate in August, I met Nicole.  We connected immediately and had a wonderful chat about life stuff and spiritual stuff.  She learned things from me and I learned things from her. We are both empathic.

One of the things we spoke about was the tendency towards melancholy that we both have. It has been my experience that for whatever reason I seem to straddle two opposites.  I don't really understand why.  Nicole has the same experience.

Perhaps it is an artistic temperament thing, perhaps it is a sensitivity thing, perhaps it is a lesson in strengthening the will to be positive.  Because for me, that is something I had to learn and I still require daily practice.  Sometimes I am so in the zone it is easy, and sometimes it is far more difficult.

But it is true that I am emotionally tapped out.  My internal reserves are still gone.  In general I do take good care of myself, I have good friends, I like my job, I have my art.  I meditate.  I am kind to myself.

So I don't know why I have this internal exhaustion.  I cannot think of anything more to do that I'm not already doing.  It is just enough to keep me afloat.

 I don't think as immense spirits housed in such small bodies we are meant to be 100 percent comfortable.

                                                                        -Nicole Sansone

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