topiary cats

topiary cats

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Some Thoughts This Morning

It has been said many times that thoughts create reality, and by changing our thoughts we change our life, And also the wisdom of if you remain the same you will always get the same out of life, or however the saying goes.

Part of our spiritual journey though life, I believe, is the willingness to change, embrace new experiences, battle fear with love, better ourselves, and undo old habits and patterns that are negative or no longer serve us.

So I want an answer to this:

When one takes a risk, believes in positive outcomes and positive change, and is willing to act on it despite the fear, and all that happens is a huge nasty slap in the face, how am I supposed to believe anything different than my already over-reinforced beliefs based on life experiences?

How am I supposed to trust that all is well and life is working for a higher good? How am I supposed to trust and believe in anything except my own experiences?

Because the overwhelming message I am getting is that letting my guard down is a very bad idea, that being closed off and self-protected is really the only way to go.

I don't even trust God right now, I suppose that is pretty much exactly opposite of what is right, that we are supposed to trust more during difficult moments, but I need a break already, from everything.  It is too much. Perhaps I am too sensitive but that is my nature and that's how God made me.

I feel very deeply, for better or for worse.  Though I am far from perfect- or even acceptable- I honestly do consciously try my best- but- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ALREADY.

I am calling bullshit on this, thinking and doing differently still gets you exactly what you have always gotten!

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  1. need some Florida heat! Move here and teach me how to oil paint!


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