topiary cats

topiary cats

Friday, September 19, 2014

Not Worried

Here is this article:

ISIS Targets Times Square

I work right in Times Square, in a building that is often a target because of the company I work for (news).
My manager spoke to me the other day about this and asked me for my perspective.

My perspective is that I am not worried about it.  Is it a potential threat?  Yes.  Do I work in a potentially high-risk target area?  Yes.  But for the last 8 1/2 years I have been aware of this.  It is just a fact of working in Times Square.  And I was present (and accounted for) on 9/11.  I watched the second tower come down in person with my own two eyes.

My response to all of it is that I refuse to live in fear.  It doesn't mean that I throw caution to the wind, but I have to live my life too.  There is nothing I can personally do about ISIS, and I still have to come to work.

I will be where I am meant to be in the right times, that is what I must have faith in.  I prefer to save my fear for things like water bugs.

(I should put a picture of a water bug in here but I can't bear to...)

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  1. Water bugs to you, are like cockroaches to me! Nasty and vile. Ughhh.


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