topiary cats

topiary cats

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Second-Weirdest Plein Air

Since I don't feel like re-writing this story again I'm just going to repost what I wrote over on WetCanvas:

Today I went on my annual painting pilgrimage to the rose garden at Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. Because I really needed some nice painting-in-nature-solitude today, I decided not to paint in the rose garden- there were too many people.

After searching around for a bit, I found a lovely perfect shady tree to stand under, with a lovely composition to paint. And no people or school groups around. I'm sorry if that sounds really grumpy and antisocial but outdoor solitude is so hard to come by, sometimes I don't mind people around but I wanted to be alone today.

Here is a picture of the view:

 Isn't it nice? Aren't those flower bushes pretty?

I started setting up my gear. FIVE MINUTES after I began setting up, a lady with a suitcase and folding chair came over and settled down. I was annoyed. Then I thought "Well, maybe she is another painter too." I grudgingly admitted it was a lovely painting spot so I could understand why she would want to paint there. And I decided that even though it was annoying, another painter around was ok.

Oh, but she was NOT another painter after all.....

She sat herself down under my tree with her back to me and proceeded to open her suitcase which was full of....corn. She was shucking corn. She came to sit under my tree to shuck corn. In the middle of Brooklyn.

This stuff only happens to me.

Well, I moved. I can't paint under such irritating circumstances. And I'm sorry to be such a grump but WHO DOES THAT? WHY did she have to come over to my spot?

Anyhow, I painted this tree. 6x8 oil on panel, about an hour and a half.