topiary cats

topiary cats

Friday, November 30, 2012

painting and cat

Carey says my blog is too sad and maybe she is right. But I am very sad so it is fitting.

I went out painting today in central park, up at the pool around 103rd street, away from all the tourists.  Here is a little 6x8 I did in just over an hour.

The more I paint the more I realize that painting is really a test of how good one's focus is. I am glad I painted small because I only had about an hour of good focus in me today.

I forgot my rigger and my trees at still a little too fat (WHEN will I get over that) but for an hour's work I'm ok with the painting.

The Pool 6x8 oil on panel

I am still ridiculously sad about my cat.  I still look down and expect to see a kitty, I have to remind myself I can't go and lug the cat to sit or sleep with me.  I have to stop myself from calling out hello to the cat when I get home. It's too empty here.

So last weekend I started filling out applications to the cat rescues to get pre-approved so I can have a new hope cat pulled from the NYC Urgent Cats kill list. I sent my application to Anjellicle Cat rescue, and filled out the NYC Urgent Cats Pre-screener which is sent out to many rescues.  A rescue, K9Kastle, contacted me immediately. I applied with them and was approved. I told them I was looking for a long-haired tortie, young, preferably between 1 and 3 years old who would be ok as a single cat. And...they have one!

I wasn't expecting to find a cat so soon. I go to see her on Sunday, and I'm 99% sure I will take her home.

It's bittersweet- I am so sad about Sigynn and I miss her so badly, but I am really excited to have found another kitty. I hope that having a cat around will lessen the sense of loss- I will miss Sigynn for a long time but it really will be wonderful to have a kitty around again.


  1. This is so great that you can specifically keep a cat from being killed! WONDERFUL! I can't wait to see your new baby!!!!!

  2. Oh Jessica, that's exciting, and totally awesome that you can pull a kitty off the kill list. Lots of good luck and I hope it will be perfect for you. Please keep me posted.

  3. Great stuff here GF it and you for getting out there and it's a great thing to give a kitten a home .... A wonderful Xmas gift for you both ...

  4. This is good news, and better for your soul too, and what a lucky kitty to get to go home with you. Merry december pal.


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