topiary cats

topiary cats

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Goodbye Umber

I said goodbye to Umber today.  But at least he's still alive. Since Ali died, Umber has been really lonely.  My friend Branwen's rat, Mr. Cocoa, died a couple of weeks ago and his snuggle-buddy, Sunshine is all alone and very lonely. Rats are like people in that they require companionship of their own kind.  So Umber moved in with his girlfriend in New Jersey.

Umber was the second-coolest rat I ever had.  He was by far the friendliest, most social rat I ever knew.  He was also immune to stress, including the time he fell into my daughter's bath.  He liked to go out and participated in two medieval faires, trick or treating, trips to the playground, Ali's vet visits, and visits to my friend's home.  He is a great traveling rat and loves everyone pretty much instantly, especially if they scratch his head.

Here is Umber winning a cheese-stick war with Branwen.

I have no pets now.  It's really weird and my apartment feels oddly empty.  I can't believe I lost all of my pets in a single year.

Umber will be missed terribly but I know it ws the right decision and the best thing for him.


  1. This has been a rough year for you and the animals you loved. I am so sorry for all your losses, Jessica. I know it must feel so quiet there.

    How is your cute little daughter doing these days??? Haven't heard you mention her lately!

  2. It was great seeing you again. Umber is a wonderful rat and Branwen and I love him to bits!


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