topiary cats

topiary cats

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Goodbye Quinacridone

Today I had my rat Quinacridone euthanized.  She would have been 2 years old on April 6th.

Quin was the Extremely Stupid Miracle Rat. Of all the pet rats I have had...probably close to 30, she cost more than all of them combined.  And she also had more medical issues than all of my other rats. And she was hands down the dumbest rat I ever had.  But she did have a very sweet personality.

In October Quin started picking fights with Umber.  He bit her eye and we ended up at the emergency vet at 12:30am- of course over the weekend. I thought I would put her down then, but she just got some meds and a referral to the local exotics vet.  We went there the next morning.  I couldnt get an appointment without major cost- she seemed fine so I waited.  She continued to be fine despite a horrific looking scab over her eye, which I was sure was gone.  A week later the scab fell off and she was fine!  The eye was fine- though blind- but she was perfectly normal otherwise.

In November she developed a really bizarre skin condition- little scabs everywhere, blood, she looked horrible.  Back to the vet...she got meds which did not work.  I couldnt put any more money into her since at that time my cat was being treated for diabetes.  Quin looked horrendous until about mid-January, and the skin problem disappeared as mysteriously as it appeared.  She was fine.

This week she developed an issue with her tooth- it was knocked off alignment and wasn't being filed down properly- it started growing into her upper lip.  This is pretty common and easily treated by clipping the tooth- but I think it dislocated because of her habit of clinging onto the cage bars at dinnertime (and not realizing she has to let go to get the food).  I made the decision to say goodbye today.  She had a long and happy life.

Quin's favorite food was chocolate, or anything sweet.  I made sure the last thing she ate was her "candy".

Quin was very pretty- she was a blue point siamese rat. Her looks and sweet disposition made up for her lack of intelligence.


  1. Jessica...I am so sorry you had to put her down, but sounds like it was time. She was cute, for a rat. I'm glad she got her chocolate. You were such a great mom to her. That was an interesting name she had...was there a story behind it???
    X o x o Julie

  2. OMG I never knew you had a pet rat...gulp. I do like her name too.

  3. Jessica, so sorry to read cared for her well throughout her little life...

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  6. Aww, such adorable mice you got there. Really? She loves sweets. Cuuuute!
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