topiary cats

topiary cats

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ratfest Portraits 2011

For those of you interested in Ratfest portraits this year, please email me with your questions (my email is in my Blogger profile).  While I greatly appreciate your comments on my blog, sometimes there is no way to email you back directly if you do not have an email listed in your profile.

Please bring printouts of your photos.  Work space is very small, very sorry but I cannot work from your computer monitor.

Portraits are 9x12 on archival vellum.

Special Prices Only for Ratfest!
$10 for color
$7 for black and white

*Prices are for 1 rat only.  Additional rats in the same photo are $2 extra each.

Portraits from previous years can be viewed here.

Thanks for your interest!

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