topiary cats

topiary cats

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

#52, The Pool, Central Park PRT

I had a little time yesterday to paint.  This time I used a slightly different approach and worked on a white oil primed panel, instead of a reddish toned panel over gesso.  (I primed with Gamblin's oil primer over gesso)

Over the white oil primed surface, I made a very detailed underpainting.  This approach worked well and forced me to handle all my problems at the start.  Next time though, I will use burnt sienna instead of red umber.  The oil primed surface was nice for this, as it can be wiped back to white unlike gesso, which stains.
I also used real turps and put copal resin in the underpainting so it would tack up quickly and not interfere as much in the color layers.

Palette was the Vasari proprietary greys from Scott Christiansen...I didn't want to deal with color as much as drawing and composition.  Time was limited and I worked large, so this enabled me to not have to mix colors so much.

!4x18 oil on panel


  1. This is good Jess. I love the way the light draws you into the painting. That big ole weeping willow is outstanding. I want to go hide under it where it is cool and dark.

  2. I am loving the underpainting - must try that colour myself sometime.

    Wonderful painting, the water and brushstrokes are amazing!


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