topiary cats

topiary cats

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How PRT Really Works

The whole east coast should have joined me in PRT instead of August,.  Then, hurricane Irene would have just drifted out to sea.

I was in Charlotte since last Wednesday.  My stepmom and I were laughing at the hurricane hype on Wednesday.  On Thursday, we thought it might be a good idea to seek alternate flights, just in case.   My Sunday nite flight was cancelled.  We got it moved to Saturday night.  Then, just in case, we changed it again to Saturday morning.  Everything got cancelled, with re-bookings stretching through September 8th.  Both my parents were going out of town for work, so staying there was not an option since I don't drive and getting anywhere would be a problem.

I was so  bummed about leaving early...but then the Saturday morning flight got cancelled, which was a problem.  We did finally manage to get a flight out first thing this morning at 6am. The return flight cost $15 less than my round trip ticket.

I ended up missing the storm completely, got to spend extra time with my family, and Jet Blue refunded my entire flight both ways, and I made $15 in the whole deal.   Not too shabby.  Everyone should join me in PRT, it does provide a great buffer for Bad August Things.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Gamblin Paint PRT

I like Gamblin paint very much.  I also like the company.  They are environmentally conscious, make high quality products right here in the USA, are committed to conservation, make the best varnish ever, and they have a great website with lots of info. 

Truly, I want to love all things Gamblin.  But sadly, that has not been the case.  Back in 2006 I had terrible problems with their titanium white yellowing.  Noticeably, within a week.  It was awful.  Side by side tests with WN really showcased the yellowing.  I contacted Gamblin, they sent me another tube which also yellowed in a week. Since then, I have remained a huge fan of their colors but have avoided their white like the plague.

A few months ago I picked up a can of their oil primer.  A canvas I primed yellowed after a few weeks, which was very noticeable after I put on the second coat.  So I called Gamblin and told them the situation.  They said they had reformulated their whites and I should try them.  They even sent me two huge tubes of their radiant white and the titanium zinc, plus a new can of oil primer.   That was pretty nice, I only expected and asked for small sample tubes. I told them I would try them, test them out, and if they are ok I will switch over to Gamblin for all my whites except lead, because they do not make lead white.

(I LOVE lead. )

The jury is still out on the primer...the second coat so far seems ok but I need to give it more time before I am comfortable.

Gamblin's customer service, however, is excellent...yet another reason to love them.  I hope their whites are up to standard, because I really would like to give them my business.  And I do go through a lot of white paint.  :)

What they sent:

And here is a pretty pic I took for the website I am building: (click to enlarge)

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Color Chart PRT

Here is a little color chart...they are very relaxing to do.  :)  Click for a larger image.

Left to right top:
Vasari caput mortuum
Vasari red umber
Maimeri terra rosa
Rembrandt raw sienna
Vasari capucine red light
Gamblin venetian red
Vasari burnt sienna
Gamblin brown pink ----> I LOVE this color it is fiery!!
Vasari transp red oxide
Gamblin Transp red earth

Bottom left to right
Maimeri verona green earth
Maimeri antique green earth
OH green umber
OH Green earth (natural pigment only)
WN terre verte
Lukas 1862 Bohemian green earth
Gamblin terre verte

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

#52, The Pool, Central Park PRT

I had a little time yesterday to paint.  This time I used a slightly different approach and worked on a white oil primed panel, instead of a reddish toned panel over gesso.  (I primed with Gamblin's oil primer over gesso)

Over the white oil primed surface, I made a very detailed underpainting.  This approach worked well and forced me to handle all my problems at the start.  Next time though, I will use burnt sienna instead of red umber.  The oil primed surface was nice for this, as it can be wiped back to white unlike gesso, which stains.
I also used real turps and put copal resin in the underpainting so it would tack up quickly and not interfere as much in the color layers.

Palette was the Vasari proprietary greys from Scott Christiansen...I didn't want to deal with color as much as drawing and composition.  Time was limited and I worked large, so this enabled me to not have to mix colors so much.

!4x18 oil on panel