topiary cats

topiary cats

Friday, April 22, 2011


I went up to the Cloisters yesterday and did a little painting in the park, spent about an hour on this one.

The palette is from Kevin McPherson's recommendation....Cad yellow light, cad red light, alizarin, viridian, ultramarine, black and white.  I might try this one again but without the black.

8x10 oil on panel

I was in very low spirits yesterday.  There are some not-nice things I have to think about concerning my cat.  She has become a real problem, and it is more than I have the capacity to deal with.  Basically, she pees on laundry.  In fact, she will go out of her way to pee on laundry.  I am extremely short on living space, time, and stress capacity. There is nowhere to isolate her, and nowhere to isolate  the laundry.  Otherwise I would do it.

Also, she does not get along with my daughter and considers her a rival.

As far as I know, my cat is 14 years old; she has been with me for 13 years.  She got a recent clean bill of health from the vet, nothing in the household has changed, I tried Feliway spray, odor deterrents, keeping her litterbox fastidiously clean, and finally an animal communicator who I met through a friend in Connecticut.  The animal communicator actually worked- perfectly- for six months. After our first chat my cat even stopped peeing in front of her litterbox-a habitual behavior she had been doing for a year and a half straight.

Then a couple of weeks ago she started up again, in the laundry.  I had another talk with the animal communicator. She said my cat has some pretty deep mental issues. (Which has always been true)  Apparently my cat just got tired of being good.  She has no sense of caring for anything beyond herself- well, she does love me but she is so high above herself nothing else really matters.  She simply doesn't care that she is causing hardship and unsanitary conditions.  Sleeping in the laundry she just peed on doesn't bother her either.

The bottom line is that I can't live like this.  If, after a first talk with an animal communicator my cat's long-term habitual behavior changed drastically and immediately, it is pretty obvious evidence of comprehension and self-control. I don't want to live with anyone (person or animal) that has such a basic disregard for everyone else in the household.

So I have some terrible options:  keep the cat in a cage overnights and when I can't supervise her, re-home her if possible (but who wants an old, mean cat that pees everywhere?), or take her on a one-way trip to the vet.

I'm pretty devastated about the whole thing.


  1. Hugs to you Oily Girlfriend.

  2. It is hard enough to make life altering decisions regarding a pet in failing health. I ache for you trying to make decisions on your loved cat who is not terminal.

    I wish I had more to give than understanding.

  3. I am terribly sorry for what you're going through with the cat. I know how much she means to you but also what a problem it could be. No easy answers. I'm here for you if you want to talk or need a hug.

  4. I had a young cat like that once. She didn't last long here. I had to take her to a friend's house in the country to live outside. I felt bad but you can't live like that. Maybe your cat has a brain tumor or something not easily diagnosed. Maybe at her age she is getting senile. Big hugs for you. What ever you do don't feel guilty. You can't live like that. If it was a housemate he would be gone by now.

  5. Did they check for urinary tract infection? My cat started peeing in the shower when he got one. Otherwise I would opt for the more humane approach...the one way trip to the vet. I could not bare to think of her being abused or abandoned by new owners.

  6. Yay I am so glad you found me in bloggyland. I too think of you often.
    What an awful situation to find yourself in...I agree with Julie- the humane thing is the vet.your own sanity and quality of life is more important.
    thinking of you lots


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