topiary cats

topiary cats

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Plein Air #42 & #44

I went out painting on Friday, then yesterday did another little painting while Daya was playing.
All weekend I have been feeling so discouraged with plein air...but will keep at it.

#42 6x8 oil on panel

I did a color version of the same scene but it turned out pretty awful.  The weather was colder than expected, I got tired, and my mind was just not clear.

Here is #43, 6x8 oil on panel, a quick tree study from the playground.  The sky needs another layer, because the venetian red tone was lifting and came through.  That's what happens from toning panels last-minute.

I will probably start tweaking my paintings at home from now far once the outdoor session is done, so is the painting.  Perhaps now I will try and focus on both the mechanics of outdoor painting and also getting a good end result even if that means going back into the painting at home.  Most plein air painters do this.  Perhaps I am being too ambitious to try and get it all done in one session.

This plein air stuff is really difficult.  It is frustrating that I can do a decent alla prima still life in the same time and size as plein air, the the plein air is hit or miss... more often a miss.  I need to keep reminding myself...plein are really is a lot more difficult, and I am still very much a newbie to it.  Also, I never did any landscape before I started plein air.  First 120 paintings before you *begin* to pregress... that's where it starts........ I'll get there eventually, given my time restrictions it just takes me longer than most.  But this is something I *really* want to get good at, and every single available chance I get, I go out to practice and i take local workshops.

It just seems like not enough sometimes.


  1. Here's what I love:
    1. Your skies
    2. Your water
    3. The red coming through in the second sky looks like "Red sky at night, sailor delight"!!!
    Your portraits are wonderful, girl. Do not be discouraged, because YOU are a great artist and I love you!

  2. Don't dispare. You are improving right before my eyes. Just relax and enjoy the process.


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