topiary cats

topiary cats

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Portraits from Ratfest

I use oil pastels exactly once a year- at Ratfest to do commissioned portraits. This year I did 5 portraits. It makes me so happy to make other people happy with my artwork.

All are 9x12 on archival vellum.


  1. Awe...they are so cute...even with their long tails!!! :)

    It amazes me how you can just change up your oils for pastels and still come out with such exquisite work!

    You are a wonder, Jesica!

    I can see Daya now with these cute babies! I bet she really does love them!

  2. Omg I love these Jess , their so sweet and you are so good with oilpastels ... Wonderful that first one is my fav!!

  3. Such sweet portraits....I can see why the recipients would have been thrilled with them. Nice work, Jess!

  4. The Swabie said I can get a portrait of my Bilge Rat - Screwshank when you are there. I am soo excited! What's the best way for her to get you pictures? Auntie Kim took the best ones - and they are mostly on Facebook.

    Purrs - Morgan the Pirate Gato


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